Ahal Dara – Touch The Sky

Ahal Dara – Touch The Sky

Exhausted from the monotonous life? Then it’s time to rejuvenate yourself from all the tiredness. The Ahal Dara View Point also known as Ahal is at a hill top, about 3-4 km from Latpanchar. It turns out to be a perfect place to refresh and restart your life with total enthusiasm.

Being at the top of the hill, Ahal Dara presents a wideThe view from Ahal Dara 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains as well as The Kanchenjunga. And the flowing Teesta River on its own course, gives you a heavenly feeling. Since the location is not very frequently visited by the travelers, it remains a serene and tranquil location. Located at an altitude of around 4200 ft above the sea level, offers a feeling to be close to the vast, wide sky. The clouds playing hide and seek up in the sky, makes us to experience to have touched the clouds. The cloud seems to go past through our body. An amazing feeling of peace of mind and soul is truly experienced at this altitude.

The wide panoramic view from such an altitude is simply spellbound. And this heavenly beauty of the location need not be described in mere words. The view of such  serene, calm nature offers what our luxurious comfortable home cannot making us live in peace. The place itself is enchanting, at the time of sunrise it is even more appealing to the eyes.

Spending nights high up the mountains in the serene atmosphere is truly unmatched. The temperature falls greatly during the night hours. Few small cottages located at this location offers their visitors a perfect stay to live in the midst of naturistic beauty. Though small and simple, but this compliments the serenity of the place. The view from the balcony or the window leaves one mesmerized. The locals are very humble and offer enough hospitality to their guests. They treat guests as their family members and allows them to live freely within their stay. They serves simple menu to the visitors with assurance of fresh quality foods. The foods they serve are fresh from the farms. Not to mention, the hospitality of the owner and the locals touched our hearts.

The camping site with tents are also arranged by them at the top point at Ahal Dara which is adventurous and full of excitement. They arranges for the bonfire on requests by the guests with charges. This exotic location is for every single person to enjoy and admire the stunning beauty from a high up altitude. Especially for the ones searching for the isolation in the midst of the nature.


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