A Trek To The History- Buxa

A Trek To The History- Buxa

The greenery around the Buxa FortThe Buxa Fort is a must visit important historical place within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The fort also known as the ‘Buxa Duar’ is situated at an altitude of 867 mtr guarding one of the most important route to Bhutan.  The way to the Buxa Fort is 4 km uphill trek from Santrabari (this place gets its name for the oranges grown here).The path leading to this Fort is a green surrounding along with the peaceful, calm flowing Jayanti River.

The trekking path is a steep long route and those not used to trek uphill must be ready for twinge to their legs later. Trekking to an uphill steep path can be a difficult job for the ones living in the plains. But it has got its own feeling of enthusiasm and adventure. So if you are eagerly waiting for such experience, the pain or the discomfort will cause no harm. It will remain as a unique experience for the lifetime. The wide variety of colorful butterflies all through the way will take away all the sorrows and make you cheerful.

The remains of the Buxa Fort


After a long trekking route, the Buxa Fort offers a sigh of relief. Although the fort is still in a dilapidated condition, but it still holds great significance. The British rulers made the use of this Buxa Fort for detaining the Indian prisoners. This prison cell gained more popularity for detaining one among the supreme personalities of the Indian History, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.



Accommodation facilities are available down the village and tourists can easily have a simple, basic stay. The environment is fresh and clean and away from the buzzing city life. The atmosphere is serene, calm and peace with no interference of pollution. 

Visitors willing to explore the Fort from a more closer perspective can avail another stay option. A guest house is situated near the Fort providing the basic amenities to the ones visiting. The view from the balcony of the rooms are splendid. The scenic beauty of the nature makes one feel rejuvenated. It proves to be a nature’s paradise for the nature admirers.


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