Dooars, a magnificent place sounded with deep forest and hills. By train Kanchankanya Express you can enjoy the beautiful journey from Siliguri Junction to Dooars area. The train travels through the deep forest, hills and cross many small rivers which gives you a perfect morning start. While journeying through this train if you are lucky then you can enjoy the peacock showing colorful feathers while the train is moving towards to Malbazar.


Whenever we talk about the holiday in Dooars the first thing comes into our mind is,  Gorumara National Park then Jaldapara National Park & Buxa Tiger Reserve. But Dooars is not only limited to dense forest and all these national park. It has unique view of the hills of Jayanti, Chalsa, also we shouldn’t forget the amazing historical place The Royal Palace of Coochbehar.

Vibrant History

   Along with Royal Bengal Tiger you can get a glimpse of Asian Elephant, Wild Boar, Leopard cat, Leopard etc.  The tourists, after visiting the Buxa Tiger Reserve can visit the Buxa fort from within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The Buxa Fort was built by the British Raj at the height of their power on their colony India. It is a marvelous site to see.

While you complete the Buxa don’t forget to step into Jayanti. At Jayanti there is a small ancient temple called Mahakal under a small cave. The route towards to the Mahakal is a trekking route. Nearby to this Jayanti there’s another small picnic spot called Bhutanghat having a small chilled river.

The Royal Palace

Now it’s time to spend one day at Coochbehar, look around The Royal Palace of Coochbehar, The historical Royal museum inside the palace. Don’t forget that on Friday it remains closed. Also look around the famous SagarDighi. If you get sometime then don’t miss the A.B.N. Seal college which was made by British.



Dense Forest 

Leave from Coochbehar towards to the Jaldapara and then next is Gorumara National Park. Jaldapara para national park is famous for elephant safari to look around the wild life of Rhino. Whereas Gorumara is famous for variety of wild animals. Both having Jungle Safari facility along with watch towers to look around the Jungle.

Till now these all about the dense forest in Dooars. Let’s look into the semi hills areas of it.

Hills Of Dooars

Malbazar, Chalsa, Suntalekhola are the most beautiful hills of Dooars. Jhalong, Khuttimari forest is also an attractive places of Dooars.

Whereas Gajoldoba has a very beautiful scenario to spend a day here. The beautiful Teesta river is having seasonal migration birds, Shelduck (Bali Hans) and amazing water view under the Teesta barrage. 

Along with all these we shouldn’t miss the Bodaganj which is having holy place called Bhramari Devi Mandir which is one of thePith of Sati’s 51 Pith.

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