Wildlife Sanctuaries of North Bengal and its Natural Parks are among the prime attractions for the tourists. Along with some popular Jaldapara and Gorumara National Park it also has Buxa Tiger Reserve, Chapramari, Jorpokhri and Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary. Also the most unique virgin forest Neora Valley National Park is one of the biggest attraction.

Neora Valley National Park

Starts with virgin forest Neora Valley National Park. This is the most beautiful National Park which is in Hill Area. The most exiting trekking route along with huge collection of rare animals could be found here. Apart from Darjeeling you can only see very famous Red Panda here. This national park is special for variety of Birds, and other rare animals. Along with that if you’re very lucky then you can have a glimpse of Tiger. To get into this National Park you to reach Lava and from there with proper pass from Forest Department you can visit this national park. It’s just 10km up from Lava.

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National ParkGorumara National Park situated on the banks of the Murti river is a dense forest packed with several watchtowers and filled with wildlife. It also has a huge variety of flora and fauna. In the entirety of North Bengal, the Gorumara National Park is the most important and popular tourist destination. The forest is not relatively huge and it is spread over approximately 80 square kilometers but even still, due to its varied wildlife and rich flora and fauna, it is the most important tourist destination here.

Visit Jatraprasad Watchtower: The Jatraprasad watchtower is one of the most popular watchtowers in the entire Gorumara National Park as this is the only tower to offer the panoramic view of the entire forest area with frequent wildlife sightings.

Visit the Rhino Observation Point: Just beside the forest bungalow inside the Gorumara National Park, the Rhino Observation Point is situated. There is a huge salt reservoir just underneath the tower and is a great place to observe the elephants and rhinos coming to taste the salt.

Jaldapara Forests

The famous Jaldapara forests is situated at a distance of only one and half hours from the Gorumara National Park and is a must visit area.

In particular, the famous one horned rhino are the specialty of the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Jaldapara Wildlife sanctuary is situated just opposite of the Chilapata forests and is separated by the river Torsa. Several species of wildlife animals such as elephants, deers, pigs, bisons, birds and hogs are found here. Jaldapara is also famous as a popular birding spot. Several species of migratory birds come here in different times. Also, the Bengal florican, hornbills, paradise flycatchers and woodpeckers are some of the birds that can be seen here. The Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for offering safaris on the backs of elephants, which is just a ride to remember for anyone!

There are several safaris through Jaldapara forests released each day. The most famous of the safaris takes the tourist on a ride through the forest on the back of elephants

Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa tiger reserve or BTR is one of the most famous forest in the entire India due to its enormous natural resources and rare and beautiful fauna and flora. It is classified as an IUCN – II category national park. This forest is also house to the almost extinct Royal Bengal Tigers. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is situated at just 12 km distance from the main Alipurduar town of Rajabhatkhawa.

Bengal Safari

In other hand we have also have recently created Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary locally known as “Bengal Safari” Here you will get bus ride inside this Sanctuary where you can look around Two Tigers known as Shila & Snehasis, peacock, deer, Bison etc. Awesome foods are also available inside this Sanctuary.

We have another Wildlife Sanctuary called Jorpokhri Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s around 30KM distance from Siliguri and best for a small trip to spend a day with nature.

If you wanted to experience wild Bison and Peacock then Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place. The Chapramari and Gorumara National Park are just few kilometers away.

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