Gajoldoba Barrage

Relax at Gajoldoba

Gajoldoba barrage known as ‘Bhorer Aalo’ was built on the Teesta River, just an hour ride from the Siliguri. Surrounded by huge forest of Baikunthapur, it is home to a variety species of local birds as well migratory birds and animals. The early hours of a day and the evening hours are perfect to watch them gather near the Teesta river banks.


Gajoldoba is famous for the dam built on the river. Visitors visit to this place during their leisure hours or to spend their weekends peaceful near the riverside. A walk through the bridge and the water passing down offers an enthralling view. The scenic beauty of the environment at times turns dramatic when gates of the dam are opened to let flow the water.

And the view of the vehicles passing from in between the water sprinklers offering amazing views to their visitors. The one who love to capture the beauty on their frames must definitely take their cameras. And the ones who love bird watching need to carry their binoculars to observe them from distance. 

The small restaurants to one side of the barrage serves fresh meals to the visitors. Mouth-watering snacks and tea are also available at the stalls set there. The snacks available by river sides are famous and the visitors flood the stalls to get their portions.

Boating on the local fisherman’s boat is also allowed when the gates of the dam are kept closed. Fishing activities on the Teesta are equally performed here and the fresh fishes are sold at restaurants. The visitors also get to buy those fresh fishes directly from Teesta. Along with fishes, visitors can also buy those fresh vegetables available.

A very few accommodations are available at this location site. Moreover, the emerging accommodations are now being set near the barrage. Tourists visits to the nearby sites as Samsing, Rocky Island, Malbazar and more traveling through the Gajoldoba Barrage.


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