Bhutia Homestay

Ramdhura, Munsong Road, Army Camp
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The Bhutia homestay Ramdhura is located at a very pristine, serene atmosphere in the midst of the hills and valleys. The location is amazing with the entire Kanchenjunga spotted clearly. The widescape view of the snow white hill top in front of the homestay leaves one in ecstasy. Moreover, the path leading one to this site of beauty is an attractive journey for the tourists. The high mountainous roads along with the dense, green Pine trees surrounding the place and the below flowing Teesta river, the sounds of which can be heard from such an altitude is amazing to witness. Such heavenly combination of nature is very rare to witness with additional peace is a boon to this place.

A special corner of the Bhutia homestay is its garden area at the front of homestay. The garden filled with varieties of coloring flowers blooming all the garden area with vibrant, bright colors and the butterflies wandering over them. The view when imagined seems much unadorned, but the realistic scene is just adorable. It seems as the plants of candies grown on the earth. The varieties of colors spreading across the large land, fills one’s with extreme joy and happiness. The nature lovers will find their place of relaxation and exploration at this very place. There is also a swing at the garden area where not just the children but their parents can as well easily spend the entire evening viewing the sun going down the hills.

Moving to the interior, the guests are greeted by the owner and he will further accompany them to their rooms. The bedrooms are decorated in accordance with the exterior. Painted with bright colors, the rooms instantly brightens up one’s mood and does not let’s one stay gloomy. Every room offers attached bathrooms along with geysers to relief one from the chilling cold water. The rooms are as well provided with seating area in the balconies of every rooms. As it is already clear that the stay provides excellent views, the view from the balconies will not let you down. The white snow-capped hills vanishing within minutes behind the clouds and again peeping through is an amazing play to admire. The flowing Teesta River and the roofs of the houses in a tiny group is simply an amazing view below the hill. The zoomed in view captured in the camera will forever be one among the best view captured in eyes.

A whole day spent sitting under the roof shed of the balcony with the sky changing its color at time intervals and the sun setting down behind the hills of Kanchenjunga will be a well spent day. The flowers planted on small tubs with tiny flowers blooming out of the buds transforms the area into more pleasurable.

The Bhutia homestay arranges for trekking through the mountainous route as well. Although it is not compulsory for every guests but is arranged only on demand. The stay further provide fresh foods and vegetables grown into their own organic farms and tastes really well. Non-veg guests can also have their meals with the local chickens out there and will satisfy their taste buds.           

They have their parking facilities available, so the one’s travelling on their personal cars does not need to worry for parking. Similarly, there are also nearby cabs and shared cabs available for the tourists.

People plan to visit here during the months of SeptemberDecember when the winter approaches and transforms everything to profound beauty. But tourists are seen to visit throughout the year enjoy the splendid view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and spend days within the lap of the hills. 


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