Jojolapphah Homestay

Jojolapphah Homestay, Bhalu Marg, Icha Forest, West Bengal 734316
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A homestay in Ramdhura, Kalimpong near to the road side at a high altitude lies the Jojolapphah Homestay. Surrounded by the hills and the green valley provides a peaceful, isolated stay away from the busy, hustle bustle life. A perfect peaceful destination for the visitors wandering in search of serenity and calmness.

The entire look of the Jojolapphah homestay appears to be of usual standard and does not provide a very rustic nor a luxurious stay. The simplicity is more detailed in the bedrooms consisting of only the necessities including a table and beds. Facility of attached bathrooms is made available to every rooms of the homestay.

Every room have got a private balcony and an unbelievable view of the hills with forest below it. The extended wide view of the hills from such a distance sitting on the balcony chairs and admiring the view with its changing colors during sunrise and sunset will definitely leave the nature lovers simply out of words. Although the rooms are decorated with utmost simplicity, the ambiance is quite warmth and cozy. The simplicity with which every bit is imagined defines their love towards simplicity and humbleness.  Such extended wide view of the hills might be difficult to find from the balcony of any other homestay. An evening with a cup of tea/coffee in hand and sipping from it and standing in the balcony to admire the sun going down leaving its deepest shades will make up for a whole bad day. 

Further, the simplicity is very clearly noticed even in the foods the homestays serve. Various vegetarian recipes are made available to their guests along with chicken. Although cooked in a simple process without the use of any complicated spices, the food yet tastes well and will not cause any harm to their stomach. The veggies the Jojolapphah homestay serve are all farm fresh and cooked directly from the farm. Tasting a different flavor, different style of cooking with simple spices lets better know the place and their cultures.

The living style being so very different from us the city dwellers, teaches a lot from their daily working schedule. The owner of the homestay have a very similar kind of behavior like that of their living pattern. A very humble and generous human being serving his life for the happiness of other people.

The homestay will offer home like care and behavior and will not let one feel as a guest. And not to mention, the splendid view of the nature, the snow-capped mountains, the vast forested land and the ambiance all just perfectly plans the vacation at this homestay and will make one visit the place again and again. 


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