Meeyang Homestay

3V8C+MQ Paren Godak Khasmahal, West Bengal
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The Meeyang homestay is built at the heart of Jhalong. The property is a piece of land in the midst of the sky-scrapping trees. The surrounding is a land of beauty with bright green colors scattering all around till our eyes can reach. The fresh greenery all around with its robust vibrant glow energizes one’s body and let heal the soul destructed by the polluted environment in which we live.

The ambiance created at the homestay by the owner will coincide with the own homes of the guests and lets them feel like to sleep on their own cozy, comfortable beds. The Meeyang Homestay appropriately matches the statement home away from home and let their guests feel a homely atmosphere even far away from their own sweet home. And not just the bedrooms, every corner of the homestay is taken care of and styled in a very unfussy manner, which perfectly suits the atmosphere. The reduced view of the green environment at the exterior, the singing sounds of the birds, the breezy winds flowing on their own direction and the stillness of the environment makes up for one’s mind to dive in the depth of serenity and calmness.

The Meeyang homestay in between the woods is appropriate for the ones in search of complete solitude from the rest of the world and live in their own way of living. The stay consist of a small living area just on entering the homestay. Guests spend their time gossiping together with their family and friends just as they do in their homes. Another area of the homestay to spend a quality time with their loved ones is the dining area of the homestay. The area seems to be a hanging platform with the dining area being set up on that but this isn’t in reality, the dining area is not at a hanging position yet it feels like to be. People can have their meals here and also admire the greenery which embraces the entire area.

The bedrooms of the Meeyang Homestay are large enough which are well furnished along with a seating area, the rooms are attached with western styled bathrooms with provision for geysers with hot and cold water availability. The guests visiting here will not have to hold any problems regarding the availability of water. Further, the rooms are equipped with televisions to entertain their guests in their leisure time. Comfort, staying in this homestay can be equally enjoyed with the admiration of the nature’s beauty.

The foods served here are all the freshest of the products and they mostly serve non-veg items to their guests during the meals. The vegetarian guests are also served with veg items at their meals.

The owner has a very polite attitude to his every guests and is very informative. He is one among the member of the village and is being honored by each and every personality of the small hamlet. He possess a very kind, sensible behavior for all his guests as well as for the local community of the village. He takes care of every needs of his guests and try to serve them with all the possible needs. He looks after each and every issues of his homestay and finds its solutions. Moreover, he doesn’t let anyone spoil the purity of the area by any kind of disturbances.

The Meeyang Homestay could be your favorite destination stay for peaceful, calm living and could be the first choice every time you plan a trip to Jhalong.   

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