Jungle Safari at Gorumara National Park

Jungle Safari- Into the Wild

The Gorumara National Park located on the Dooars foothills of the Himalayan region, is famous for its One-Horned Rhinoceros. It was established as a National Park in the year of 1992. The park covering an area of about 79.45 km is one among the 180 best National Parks in India. The Jungle Safari at the Gorumara National Park is a famous Safari at North Bengal.


The National Park has a rich diversity with its immense varieties of wild life. The thought of exploring through the rich variety of the Gorumara National Park is itself a thrilling adventure. The forest park is a beautiful place to explore around its wide area. Exploring the forest by walking is strictly prohibited as its poses great threat to one’s life. And taking a Jungle Safari sitting on jeeps is rather more interesting and thrilling experience to gather.


Among the wide variety of wildlife, the most common are One-Horned Rhino, Asian Elephants (tuskers), Bison, Sambar Deer, Wild Boars, Hog Deer. Leopards and tigers are also sometimes spotted in the forest. The National Park is a habitat to various species of snakes including Python and Cobra. Varieties of birds can also be seen throughout. Peacocks and Woodpeckers are spotted every now and then. Scarlet Minivet, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Indian Hornbill, Sunbird and more have made their habitat at this National Park. During the winters, a number of migratory birds makes a visit to this paradise.

Tourists can avail their visit to this Park and take Safaris to become witness of the wildlife. The watch towers at the core areas of the forest offer chances of viewing the species from the top. Among all the watch towers located at Gorumara National Park, the one famous is the Jatraprasad Watch Tower. This tower was named after a female elephant that have served to the Department of Forest. This tower is mostly popular for the salt reservoir located just below the tower. The wild animals come attracted to the salt making their chances of viewing the animals high for the visitors.

The other way to observe these animals is to take a Jungle Safari. The Jeep Safaris are among the most common and are avail throughout the day from dawn. The driver will take the jeep to various sections of the forest area. A guide will be provided along with jeeps providing information regarding the forest and the wildlife species. The guides accompanying the tourists to the spots are quite informative.       

Few small restaurants and artifact shops are available opposite to the Nature Interpretation Center at Lataguri. Visitors can enjoy lunch at the restaurants along with purchasing artifacts and handcraft items.

A perfect destination site for the one’s with an attachment to the wild nature. The amazing varieties of the floras and fauna and the information regarding them provides an immense excitement within.



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