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Starting a journey to experience the majestic view of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga. The terrific beauty of the forests surrounding and the mesmerizing view of the overall will truly fulfill your trip to Darjeeling in toy train. There are basically two routes to visit to this location. One starting their journey from NJP via Kurseong and […]

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Starting a journey to experience the majestic view of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga. The terrific beauty of the forests surrounding and the mesmerizing view of the overall will truly fulfill your trip to Darjeeling in toy train.

There are basically two routes to visit to this location. One starting their journey from NJP via Kurseong and the other, who wish to come down from Gangtok to Darjeeling. Both the routes probably takes almost equal time to travel.

After a long, tiresome journey, tourists generally wish to rest for few hours. And then spending the evening leisurely visiting Mal or else taking a joyride in the toy-train. Enjoying the beauty of Darjeeling is quite attractive to the tourists visiting to this place.

Darjeeling, also known for its schools and colleges with their strict disciplinary rules and fine architecture. Even shoots were also being conducted in some of the school premises of Darjeeling. Some colleges to mention are the St. Xavier’s College and the Loretto’s are among some popular colleges of Darjeeling.

Getting to Darjeeling

By Train: The NJP Railway Station in Siliguri is the nearest railway station to Darjeeling and connects the city to several cities across India. Once you reach NJP Station, the world famous heritage toy train ride offered by the Darjeeling Himalaya Railways (DHR) covers 88kms between Darjeeling and NJP Station.

By Jeep/Taxi: Siliguri is the nearest town to Darjeeling. The most popular way of reaching this town is to take a shared jeep or taxi to Darjeeling. Both of them are available from NJP Railway Station. Even you can take Jeep or Taxi from Siliguri Junction as well.

By Plane: Bagdogra airport is the nearest airport. There are several planes available to come here offered by many airlines.


Darjeeling have a number of tourist spots to witness. And some of them are mentioned below.  

The Tiger Hill:

Tourists may then opt to visit the Tiger Hill and try their luck out. The journey needs to be proceeded early during dawn and get to the place within 4 in the morning. This place gets its name during the early British period when the place was covered in forests and there were tigers roaming in the forest area. And so they named it as the Tiger Hill. Only the lucky ones get to witness the enchanting beauty of the rising sun. The glowing red-golden rays of the sun fills the entire place within its magical ambiance. The sun glowing with its variety of colors keeps changing simultaneously until it is fully risen and changes the colors of the hills as well. This view leaves one in ecstasy and turns into a view to be captured for lifetime.

The Ghoom Monastery:

This popular location of North Bengal comprises of some religious spots to witness. And the Ghoom Monastery is one among them. A peaceful, calm surrounding to completely soothe our soul. Tourists along with the locals visit in flocks to seek blessings of His. Another attraction not very known to the people is the panoramic wide view of the Kanchenjunga hills near to the monastery. The place has got its unique attitude of capturing oneself in its beauty. People can also rest there on the seats arranged and admire the undistrubing beauty of the Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Batasia Loop:

Established after the earthquake of 1934 is this piece of land. A moderately wide piece of land with circulating zig-zag patterns of rails being laid and decorated with varieties of flowering and the small tea plants. The land offers a wide view of the entire Darjeeling which simply astonishes one. A ride from Darjeeling in toy train will take one to this high altitude enabling the astounding beauty of entire hills. 

Moreover, there are few binoculars being placed at the corners of the hills for the ones to appreciate the view of the whole Darjeeling. The  toy-train passing through the zig-zag railway lines adds to the charm of the loop. A statue built of a veer-jawan is also a memorable piece of the place.

The Rock Garden:

A wide area of land being transformed artificially to a narrow curving route taking one close to the waterfall from the hill in the front is another site of attraction. The curving routes of the garden is being intentionally built to increase the distance from the hills. This adds curiosity to the people to reach to the waterfall faster and enjoy the sprinkles of water on their skins.

The curving route is being taken further to the top of the waterfalls offering quite a nice view. A small pond with a cemented lotus is also being crafted which implies the structure like that of a lotus blossoming on its surface waters.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, The Bengal Museum:

One of the most attractive site of the location is this Zoological Park. This zoological park is named after the daughter of Sarojini Naidu, Padmaja Naidu. The park is located at one of the highest altitude zoo in India. Covered in large surface of land mass, the zoological park comprises of a wide variety of birds, animals and reptiles. Red Panda, Black Bear, Himalayan Wolf, Deer, Snow Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger, Black Panther, a variety of large snakes and a variety of birds are seen at this zoological park.

The most exciting part of the park is its Bengal Natural History Museum which have preserved the bodies of various bird species as well as the snakes. The variety species of birds and reptiles preserved will leave one awestruck. Unfortunately, clicking pictures of these preserves are strictly prohibited, which restricts from capturing those in the lens. This particular area of the park needs quite a time to observe minutely.

Another attracting corner of the Zoological Park is the tools used by Tenzing Norgay while covering his trek to the Himalayas. This evokes a sense of the struggle and difficulties he conquered during his climbing. This place of wonder is considered as one of the most attractive site of Darjeeling.

Not to mention, there lies a restaurant near to the Zoological Park serving delicious, fresh foods to all its hungry customers.  

The Rock Climbing:

Tourists interested in climbing rocks can give it a try at the HMI of Rock Climbing Training Area. Just by the side of a road is a high rock designed with ropes to climb in and experience a very mild feel of climbing.      

The Japanese Peace Pagoda:

The list further continues with the religious Peace Pagoda and a Buddha Temple located at just 10 mins drive from the Central Darjeeling. On entering to the Peace Pagoda, people will be welcomed by the statues of two lions standing with all its pride and glory. The serene white Peace Pagoda with its highlighting golden colors at its top and on the lions simply adds more charm. The white stupa looks amazingly calm and peaceful and the surrounding as well gets indulged into it. The walls of the Pagoda are carved with perfect detailing enhancing its beauty.

And then coming to the Lord Buddha’s temple, the interior is decorated beautifully with metal artifacts and with large idols of Buddha shining bright and peaceful. On entering to the temple, you will be filled with immense peace of mind and soul. The glittering artifacts of the temple and its clean and serene ambiance is worthy to looking to.

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