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The village Jayanti in the district of Alipurduar, is also renowned as the ‘Queen of Dooars’. The scenic beauty of the place is simply mesmerizing. The jungle itself has a lot for exploration. Jayanti is an appropriate place for adventure lovers as they can get the chance to trek and also enjoy the night safaris.

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The trek to Jayanti in Buxa borders, is a forested village in the district of Alipurduar, is named after the river Jayanti. It carves itself as a natural border between the hills of Bhutan and West Bengal and is also renowned as the ‘Queen Of Dooars’. The village is one of the most serene places visited ever and it makes oneself believe in true peace living, which in today’s world seems beyond the bounds of possibility.

The way towards the Jayanti itself will make one fall in love with the place. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the smooth flowing river brushed along the white brutal rough rocks just leaves one mesmerizing. Although the river bed was somewhat dry, but the beauty was amazing to witness through our own eyes. The river comes to its life during the monsoon season, and then it shares its beauty from a different perspective. Be it anytime of the day or any season, the river upholds a magical form of attraction towards itself which is unparalleled. Staying at the hotels or resorts near Jayanti river and experiencing the breathtaking unobstructed view from the rooms itself is just speechless.

The forest also has got many surprises for its viewers. Trekking through the well maintained Jayanti forest, still maintaining the essence of its natural beauty. Silently observing its flora and fauna increases the curiosity to explore deep down the forest. It holds a wide variety of birds, insects and wild animals in its surrounding. Leopards, Wild Pigs, Tigers, Elephants, Pheasants, Peacock, a variety of colorful and different species of butterflies and many known and unknown variety of birds adds to more beauty of the forest.


Chunia Watch Tower – It is located 12kms from Jayanti village, trekking  between the forest.

Buxa Tiger Reserve, Pukhuria, Mahakal Temple.


  • Trekking through the forest either by walking or by a jeep/car
  • Night Safaris – Ride on the elephants which is perfect for adventure lovers
  • The river basin can be treated as picnic spots to spend time with your family
  • Or to roam around with your close one’s by the river basin during the evening hours or early morning to discover the enchanting beauty.


By road: Visitors can book a cab directly from Siliguri to Jayanti

By train: Visitors may reach Alipurduar Station by train and then take a cab to Jayanti.

By air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra. And then visitors can continue by train or by cab.


Jayanti can be visited all through the year. But visitors generally do not visit during the monsoon season.

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