The road through the tea gardens of Samsing

Road through the Tea-Gardens

The vast green tea gardens of Samsing, lies in the Jalpaiguri district North Bengal. This serene, peaceful place is overlooked by most of the travelers visiting to Suntalekhola and also to the Rocky Island. The cold winds blowing, the vast area of the beautiful tea garden leads to Samsing. The fragrance of the tea leaves blooming in the small little plants does not remains unnoticed. This refreshes the mind and leaves a kind of energy within. The un-ending straight roads within the tea gardens by its both sides seems to last forever. The freshness of the breeze is not comparable to any other. The Samsing tea garden is declared as one of the best tea gardens of the Dooars region.


Moreover, Samsing is popular as a birding spot and a major attraction of this place. Tourist gather at this place to witness the species of birds during particular seasons of a year. Various migratory birds of very rare species travel here during the winter season. It seems as a paradise for the bird watchers. Rare species of birds as Orange Bellied Leaf Bird, Maroon Oriole, Short Billed Minivets, and many more. Samsing has various picnic spots neighboring to it as Lali Guras, Rocky Island and the famous Suntalekhola.


Samsing acquires its real beauty during the evening hours when the sun is ready to set down and hide its glow. And this can be experienced at its best while strolling down the entire long way through the tea garden. This adds up to your experience of the road trip. Enhancing the beauty of your journey captured throughout life.

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